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The Flux
Date: Oct 4, 2009 Apr 9, 2013
Status Past
Location Worldwide
Summary: A series of Fronima catastrophes which resulted in countless deaths and a controversial ban on magic.
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The Flux was a series of unfortunate catastrophes that struck the planet Ramath-lehi due to some severe Fronima power fluctuations. It resulted in a very long and controversial planetary-wide Ban on Magicka (Late Tessera 13, 81383 until Late Dyo 23, 81386), which prohibited the use of all magic and Fronima-powered devices on Ramath-lehi.


The repercussions of the Fronima fluctuation catastrophe (colloquially referred to as "the Flux") and subsequent ban on magicka were felt by all.

The military (USR) in particular was incredibly taxed as they fought to maintain peace and order. Many criminals saw the magicka ban and the widespread panic caused by it as a means to rise to power. Not to be overthrown, the government was ruthless and oftentimes outright brutal in its handling of law breakers.

Law breaking Ramathians were subdued, arrested, and thrown into prisons by the thousands. Citizens who had been particularly skilled in magic were conscripted by the government and used to assist shutting down any and all potentially dangerous activity during the Flux. These individuals were often referred to as "Suppressors," as it was their duty to subdue rogue magic users and prevent them from harming property and peoples.

All space travel that relied on Fronima-powered engines came to a grinding halt. Transportation between continents - which was once easy through the usage of Fronima portals - was suspended. Many methods of communication disappeared and Ramathians found themselves living in a dark age.

Therscatran Gate became its own country.

The economy as a whole suffered, with those living in Bhim feeling it the least. They managed to stay afloat with their strong bartering system and local currency, the Bhijan. Thousands of businesses found themselves unable to continue in the harsh economic environment and went bankrupt.

The Flux has been deemed Ramath-lehi's costliest natural disaster.


  • An estimated 60,000 people on Ajita alone that day were killed and more than 200,000 were injured.
  • 63 deaths related to the uprising at the Therscatran Gate, and 347 injured.
  • More statistics are still being procured.

Timeline of Events



  • Space travel and atmospheric transportation resumed. (Late Tessera 23)
  • The City of Aurius was re-submerged into the ocean depths with retro-fitted shield defences that would make it impervious to future Fronima fluctuations. (Mid Tessera 2)
  • The Magica Ban was officially lifted. (Late Dyo 23)
  • The Council of Thirteen officially declared that the state of emergency was over. (Late Dyo 22)