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No Strength without Honour
Race: Khell
Social Class: Upper Class
Origin: Trilok
Location: Volithin, Trilok
Total: 2
Living: 2


When talking about the Volithins, one will inevitably draw a comparison to the Adamaints. This is a comparison that many members of the Volithin family resent, with good reason: they are an old bloodline, once one of the most powerful noble families in all of Trilok. At the height of their power, they had such impressive political and military might that the Adamaints were one of very few families who could challenge them. This changed in the Great Lockist War; the Volithins took heavy casualties during the war, and lost much of their old territory.

In the present day, the family is a shadow of its old glory. Their former empire is now part of an even bigger empire, one forged by the Jarkorlis through clever political maneuvering and many reforms to help rebuild Trilok. The Adamaints have, if anything, become more powerful and influential than before. And yet, through it all, they persevere. The Volithins remain politically active, with at least one representative in Trilok's parliament, several family members in the military (both local and USR), and the majority running the city that they call home.

Recently, a prominent Lukuo mutation has emerged in the bloodline. Most of the family members with it have horns, but some have also grown to unusually large sizes.

Defining Characteristics


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Volithin family.

Ruos-Halnakh de'VolithinLivingNon-Player CharacterLukuoMale
Schevsdan de'VolithinLivingNon-Player CharacterLukuoMale

Family Tree

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Influence and Influences

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