Great Lockist War

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Like the Anubi and Takula before us, we, the Lokh [Khellin] nearly went extinct in the mid-65th millennium. However, the Anubi were cursed by an incurable plague, and the Takula simply had the misfortune of being unable to adapt to a miniature ice age. We have nothing to blame for our brush with death... but ourselves.
--Author unknown; widely attributed to one of the surviving members of the Craxela family

The Great Lockist War (64,597 to 64,643) was a large-scale war that took place on Trilok. The war nearly eliminated the Khell race, and marked the end of the era of Trilok's status as a collection of warring countries and city-states. To this day, this war was the worst that has ever been fought on Trilok, and one of the worst ever fought on all of Ramath-Lehi.

Growing Problems

Prior to the war, Trilok was not a single nation, but 46. Many smaller wars and battles had been fought between countries, and as such the area was politically volitile. Indeed, many of the surviving Khell noble families had been the ruling families of their own nations, from the Adamaints to the Volithins.

The constant conflict between the nations and noble families resulted in an arms race of technological development. Engineers, scientists and mages were valuable, and as such weaponry, armour, vehicles and even magic with power never seen before or since was constantly being developed. Rumour has it that many families even violated their agreements to abolish slavery, and had secretly captured and sold many civilians and soldiers into "indentured servitude". Whether this is true is uncertain.

On top of all of this, there was another, growing problem: Trilok was becoming overpopulated. Even with how large their cities and fortresses could get, there were simply too many mouths to feed, too many pendragons to shelter, and not enough jobs to pay them all.

With these problems amongst others brewing, many nobles realised that Trilok simply could not go on the way it was. Something had to change.

Change came in an abrupt and brutal manner in late 64,597 - not because of the Adamaints, Volithins, the Mahji-Graders or any of those, but because of the prince of one small city-state.

Prince Craxela

Craxa was a city-state on the edge of Trilok, where Cronvint now sits. At the time, Craxa primarily lived off of naval trading and fishing, and had constant contact with foreigners. It was known as the Green Port, as unlike the kingdoms further inland, Craxa enjoyed green summers and relatively good land for above-ground farming. Despite this, most of the city's food was imported, as the food grown near the city would be sold to the other kingdoms.

Craxa was ruled by the Craxela family, and in 64,597, the previous Craxela queen died. She had seven children, and as tradition stated, the eldest one became the next ruler. The others would recieve other duties, and help to keep the city running smoothly. For the most part, they agreed.

Then there was Okhar Craxela. The youngest of the queen's children, Okhar had studied the magic arts from a young age. He had always been a quiet and eccentric fellow, but naturally charismatic, and as such he started training to become Craxa's new High Magos... except his shy, approachable nature was an act. In reality he was ambitious and ruthless, and began working behind the scenes to sabotage the work of his siblings in order to become the new king.

Okhar was caught torturing and attempting to murder his older sister, however, and stripped of his title and power. For the next few days, nothing was heard from him.

Late in Tessera of 64,597, several representatives and members of other noble families had come to Craxa. They were planning to discuss trade agreements, including a means to possibly save the city from an incoming famine. However, as they entered Craxatok, the city's castle, they discovered the decapitated corpse of the king, with a note written next to him in Ramathian: Craxa et fyjsh myshemd (Craxa is worth nothing).

Seconds later, seven powerful Fromina bombs deployed throughout Craxa detonated simultaneously. When the dust settled, there was nothing left.

Major Battles

End of the War