Syron Grimoire

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Syron Grimoire
(Non-Player Character)
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Status: Living
Race: Pendragon
Gender: Male
Family and Heritage

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Significant Other: Single
Occupation: Musician
Residence: Unknown

The lead vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter of Phatharla, a progressive metal band. The band's most notable releases include Fujlyjp Kaztohaat, an album about the legendary hero Nuji Kaztohaat, and the 40-minute epic Ramaush sha Paup, based on a story Syron wrote. He has confirmed that he is a graduate of Dragonbach's, and takes influence from a large variety of music. He is also notable for being severely visually impaired, a perfectionist, and fluent in Ramathian - nearly all of his songs' lyrics are in Ramathian.


Syron was born in Romanskh, Mansukh to a native Mansuian family. In his early years he attended a local school, and it was during this time that he became interested in music. He began piano lessons at the age of eight.

Musical career

Personal life