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Phatharla is a progressive metal duo consisting of two close friends, Syron Grimoire and Raakin de'Ragnarok. The group released their first album in 81380, and have released a small number of them over their career. Though they have never reached widespread mainstream success, they have a loyal cult following.

The band primarily writes concept albums, aiming to tell a story with each album. To this end, each album explores a variety of styles (while still remaining metal), guest musicians are often brought in, and the covers of each album resemble book covers or film posters. Notably, all of their songs' lyrics are in Ramathian, though translations are fairly easy to find.


Year Album details
81380 Sha Apda yv Rlukc ump Fhesa (The Edge of Black and White)
81382 Ramaush sha Paup: Tcalasym (Beneath the Dead: Skeleton)
81384 Fujlyjp Kaztohaat (Warlord Kaztohaat)
81387 Ni Shjyma, Ni Hyna (My Throne, My Home)