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(Green Academy)
Type Public
Staff 503
Students 8,000 approx.
Location Trilok (Cronvint)

Trilok's largest college for advanced general education.

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Crønakhademi is the largest college in Trilok, constructed in the early decades of Cronvint's existence. Like much of the city, most of the campus is subterranean, though there are some buildings and study areas above-ground. The academy also owns separate housing which students and teachers can rent for relatively cheap.

Many subjects are taught at an advanced level at the college, and being a public institute, students and teachers come from all walks of life; in fact, there are a surprising number of staff members and students from other countries. This is a tradition born in the academy's early days, when the first High King of Trilok invited experts from other countries to teach at the academy as a sign of goodwill.

Like the rest of the city, the Jarkorli have made an extensive effort to keep the academy as neutral grounds, free from the squabbles of the noble Khell families. Over the years this has had mixed results, with multiple allegations of corruption and even some murders. The academy was nearly closed several times because of this, most recently during the Flux.