Bounty Hunter Brotherhood

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The Bounty Hunter Brotherhood (also called Ryomsi Homsaj Rjyshajhyyp in Ramathian) is a guild for assassins and bounty hunters. It is the oldest surviving example of such a guild, and as of 81,387 it is currently the largest, with almost 3,000 known members worldwide. The organisation is based in Swaraj, though there are branches in some other countries as well.

This organisation follows the Code of the Bounty Hunter, though they use an additional rule that if two or more members of the Brotherhood are pursuing the same target, they are allowed to either work together or (under certain circumstances) peacefully leave the job to the other(s). Implementing the rule resulted in considerably less members being killed in action. They also have a practice of assigning each of their members a codename and a badge designating their membership.

Known Members