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Are you interested in helping build the world of Shadowlack? That’s fantastic! At its core, Shadowlack is a World Building Project. We welcome all members, whether they are an active roleplayer or not, to contribute and share their ideas.

World building at Shadowlack revolves primarily around our wiki. The wiki is the central repository for all things awesome. If you feel as though you have something to add, or see something that you think needs improvement - dive right in and begin editing! If you aren’t sure how to do proper wiki formatting, that is also okay. We want you to share your ideas foremost. Let us worry about the formatting until you get the hang of it yourself.

This article is a stub. You can help us out by expanding it.

When Permission is Needed

If you’re thinking about adding something that is absolutely mind-blowingly awesome, like a new Race, or something that could change all life (like an incurable plague) on Ramath-lehi, we kindly request that you create a thread about it in the World Development board first in order to gather feedback. Not all new races that are submitted will be implemented as playable races, so it is really important that you get support from existing players for you idea. The more popular a world-changing idea is, the more likely it will be implemented.

Learning Wiki Formatting

Not everyone has edited a wiki before. It's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The following wiki pages are here for your reference. They tell you how to do very basic things, like how to edit a page, how to create links, and how to format basic text. If you want to practise your new skills but are worried about breaking something, give the Sandbox a test drive. It's there for you to try and learn.

Quick Creation Forms

Do you already know how to edit a wiki? Awesome. Shadowlack has a few shortcuts to help you create some pages on the fly. The following pages will present you with a form. Simply fill out the forms with the required information and a page with your content will automatically be created!

Pages Needing Editing

Want to help out with the Shadowlack wiki but aren't sure where to start? The following pages could use a little attention.

  • Stubs - Pick a stub article and make it better.

Pages Needing Images

Are you a graphic artist or illustrator? We're always looking to add more images to the wiki in order to help immerse people more fully in our world.