The Badlands

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The Badlands
Country Dhruv
Type Wasteland
Short Description A barren wasteland in the frozen north of Ramath-lehi.

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This land known as the holy ground for the god of Sickness, Jesaisa. It is extremely barren and frigid not to mention littered with jagged glacial formations and hounded continuously by chilling winds. It would seem impossible for anything to live there - but live they do. Everything from hairy balls of fur that crawl and slide along the ice to the most primitive race of Pendragons can be found in this polar region. Some curious Pendragons are drawn to this place though due to rumours of valuable minerals and stones that lie under the icy surface of the glacier. Some are even said to have magical properties - albeit negative ones - and are worth quite the profit when taken to trading markets at Bhim.