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Have you been away from Shadowlack for quite some time? Trying to catch up with the latest happenings and going-ons? Or are you just curious about the events that conspired before your time? You'll find the current world-wide plot summary here, as well as links to previous plots.

Current Plots

Plot NameSummaryStart Date
Sagar Sea SarcophiliacA serial killer is on the loose. Currently an unsolved mystery.20 October 2008
Pakaros25 March 2013

Previous Plots

Plot NameSummaryStart DateEnd Date
Fallen GradersKarryasa and Zamfir Grader fall out of power. The Council of Thirteen is formed3 December 200423 September 2005
Council of Traitors28 December 200516 September 2006
The FluxA series of Fronima catastrophes which resulted in countless deaths and a controversial ban on magic.4 October 20099 April 2013