Kaushal Ocean

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Kaushal Ocean
Country Trilok
Type Ocean
Short Description Kaushal Ocean is the southernmost water body of Ramath-lehi, encircling Trilok and bordering the Sagar Sea. It is home to many Aquabat packs.

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Kaushal Ocean is the southernmost water body of Ramath-lehi, encircling Trilok and bordering the Sagar Sea. It is a cold place, but ideal for exploration, because it is wide and serene. Many pendragons venture far into the deeps to fish or study the marine life. Some of these explorers never return. Supposedly, they say, these unfortunate fellows just dropped right off the corner of the planet.

Physical Properties


Exploration of the Kaushal began in the late 40,000s, first initiated by the historic Sun family. The purposes for the first explorations are uncertain -- some say conquest, citing the Sun family's growing power and presence in 'politics', while others speculate that ventures were simply investigative. Modern day exploration still occurs in this area because, due the area's harsh climate and the ocean's expansive nature, few venture so far south. Worse yet, there have been several accounts of missing persons in the area. As a result, it is an area of extreme superstition throughout the globe.


Ryvlluem Geyser

Ryvlluem is a completely aquatic community supported by an oceanic geyser that heats the water through a network of volcanic rock. Although the population is mostly made up of a handful of Aquabat packs, outliers of normal terrain life also come here; feydragons and lukuo of distinctly amphibious nature are not an uncommon sight. As there are no hints of this town's existence on the water's surface, the only means of finding this jewel is by portal, one found in Aurius. The only dry land you'll find here contains the portal.

Aquabat Packs of Ryvlluem

Of the Aquabat packs that inhabit Rvylluem, there are three predominant ones: Challius (CPack), Kalbeda (KPack), and H'toni (H'tPack).

  • The Challius pack is centred in the downtown heart of Rvylluem. This pack is very well established, and fairly structured. It is not unlikely for members of this pack to lead amphibious lives -- partaking in both life underwater and above.
  • The Kalbeda pack outnumbers Challius, but lacks the strong hierarchical structure as seen in CPack. This is due to interpack rivalry, which has recently been at an all time high due to the recent passing away of KPack's two Betas, Lar and Wholis.
  • The H'toni pack is located on the outskirts of town and live without the use of most technological aid. Although small, the H'toni are extraordinary hunters and are well respected throughout Kaushal Ocean. Many young 'bats will spend full years with H'tPack to learn their way of hunting.