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Skengilo Clan
Let the strength of your resolve overcome the weakness of your body.
Race: Feydragon
Social Class: Working Class
Origin: Boreios Sudesha
Location: Boreios Sudesha
Total: 2
Living: 2


A Kynnyn Feydragon clan.

Defining Characteristics

  • Unusually for Feydragons, they have a culture centered around warrior pride and combat training.
  • A large portion of the clan members are descended from refugees of a feud between clans. One of those clans has long since been destroyed, making those descendants the only ones remaining.


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Skengilo Clan family.

Marei KynigosLivingPlayer CharacterFeydragonFemale
Tukjap Kymsanglusyj em sha PakuoLivingNon-Player CharacterFeydragonMale

Family Tree

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Influence and Influences

  • No historical influences known.