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Kill Clan
We slay all who oppose us. We do not pander, we do not disrespect the elders. We are Kill! We are Kill!
Race: Feydragon
Social Class: Underclass
Origin: A war between two races
Location: A island that does not belong, in a different world, not like this.
Total: 1
Living: 1


Oh, So you found us? Well you aren't going to get much out of this. Hopefully Before you become part of this clan, you simply ask to join. DO NOT LABEL YOURSELF AS KILL WITHOUT ASKING A ELDER

Defining Characteristics

  • Ranging from a small cub to a Furious Dragon


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Kill Clan family.

Maul KillLivingPlayer CharacterPendragonMale

Family Tree

It Started from two people, Kuroi Ryu and "Father"

Generations of Bear and Dragon soon came after, but in this world, many were confused with the changes their bodies took. Many cut off the extra parts they did not want, others keep it, in admiration of how they changed. The Kill Clan is Millons of years old, and no one knows what they are and where they can be found. Thus from that statement, the are a Underclass, hidden, many call them the Bloody Mark, that name would strike fear in the greatest warriors.


Created from an alliance from a war of two races

Influence and Influences

  • No historical influences known.