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Ekavyz Tribe
Race: Yki
Social Class: Working Class
Origin: Krishna Sea Islands coastline and sea ice
Location: [[In location::Krishna Sea Islands coastline and sea ice]]
Total: 0
Living: 0


All about the Ekavyz Tribe. Patrons of Penn.

Defining Characteristics

  • The Ekavyz tribe carry the genetic markers for shorter, oilier coats that mark them as fishers and sailors. They have two permanent settlements: Augri, a major shipping hub to the other continents and one of the few industrialized cities in Dhruv, and Mijjroi, a town sprung up around the industry brought in from foreign 'dragons. Mijjroi caters primarily to eco tourism and both public and private expeditions further into the continent.


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Ekavyz Tribe family.

Family Tree

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Influence and Influences

  • No historical influences known.