Vaetfang's Jemd

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Vaetfang's Jemd
Country Trilok
Type Bar/Fight Club
Short Description A modest, slightly more out-of-the-way bar which is home to one of Trilok's largest fight clubs.

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To most pendragons, Vaetfang's Jemd wouldn't be anything particularly special - it's a modest bar, one of many establishments dug out from the wall in one of Cronvint's many underground tunnels. The bar is circular, reflecting the name (jemd meaning "ring"), but otherwise it is largely the same as many others. Rumour has it, however, that the bar is more than just a bar. And indeed, beneath the floor, a large "basement" chamber shows that the name "ring" has a double-meaning - it's also a fighting ring. This is the home of one of Trilok's largest fight clubs, where, to state it simply, pendragons beat each other up to win prizes.

The rules are simple: no magic allowed, and the only weapons allowed are "safe" plastic weapons provided by the establishment. The winner of each round earns a prize of their choosing, and may continue facing new challengers until either defeated or they say they've had enough. Lastly, killing is not allowed.