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un-cock-taw pl. uncocti
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Fact File
Classification: Mammalian
Frequency: Rare
Size: Medium
Lifespan: 20-90 years
Domesticated?: No
Diet: Carnivore
Biome(s): Wetland

The uncoctua species are rather intelligent; preying on other animals like themselves. Their diet is based off of meat, and at harsh times they may prey among each other. This happens rather often, for the uncocti aren't loyal and rarely show affection towards one another.

The Uuncocti mate between Dyo and Tria, and produce offspring around late Tria and early Tessera. If the kits (uncocti offspring) are born off schedule, this results in an unusual coat coloring; the average coat colors vary between black, grey, brown, and murky green.

The uncoctua species resembles a canine; with soft fur, a fairly long tail ranging from one to two feet, and short triangular ears. Canines, or 'fangs', are unusual long and used for ripping thick flesh. Their eyes (and color) are extremely keen, and delicate; similar to the ears. Paws are brood and claws are extremely sharp. They use these qualities during their daily hunt, and each ranked pack-mate following their 'duties' (rankings are similar to the wolves').

The uncoctua is a rare species; they don't encounter pendragons often. They cannot be tamed or domesticated, and their natural instinct of contact is to attack the throat - beware!