Tupmatt Sjaa

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Tupmatt Sjaa
tup-mat si-jaw pl. tupmatt sjaa
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Fact File
Classification: Tree
Frequency: Common
Size: Large
Biome(s): Coastline, Freshwater
Uses: Bark (can be used for pain relief)

The Tupmatt is a tree that looks rather sickly, even in full health. It's branches always droop towards the ground, and its relatively thin trunk is normally curved to one side. It's roots grow deep, and stretch very far, considering the height of the tree. This is because they need water almost as much as they need the sunlight. It's beneficial to plant them in flood areas, because they will both help hold down the dirt and, in essence, suck up the standing water. Its greyish-green leaves are small; only two inches long, but there are thousands of them in every tree, and hundreds on every long, thin, drooping branch.

The Tupmatt also has healing properties. It's said it always looks sad because it can feel the pain of the sickly. This is likely untrue. However, its bark, when stripped, can be mashed into a pulp and fed in small doses to one who has pain; the bark has properties that makes it a good natural pain reliever, that have yet to be scientifically pinpointed. All healers and doctors know is that it works.