Sucam Island

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Sucam Island
Country Dhruv
Type Island
Short Description The largest island in the Dhruv region.

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Being under the continental control of Dhruv does not bode well for the assumed climate on this island. Two-thirds of this island has been overtaken by expanding snow and ice from the polar cap. Life here is very harsh, though gentler than far north. However, a full third of this disappearing island is home to fertile, un-frozen ground, for at least three quarters of the Ramathian year. This condition provides a few tough Pendragons with the ability to grow some of the hardier plants which actually require a harsh winter to yield the best fruit. Besides this, the island is rather devoid of Pendragon existence, with the exception of a few hardy Yki tribes. Caution is best taken when exploring the northern three-quarters of the island.