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ski-kip-er pl. skeekippers
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Fact File
Classification: Amphibian
Frequency: Very Common
Size: Small
Lifespan: 5 years
Domesticated?: No
Diet: Herbivore
Biome(s): Freshwater, Wetland

Thriving in marshy or swampy areas is a small amphibious beast whom sports a maroon, lump-clad figure, stands about 24 inches tall, and has large, webbed hind feet for magnificent leaps of up to five times its height. It has virtually no forefeet, and generally feeds on aquatic plants. It has both gills and a single lung, making it possible for this creature to venture onto dry land for short periods of time. The males have bone-like crests of all sorts of shades, and each Skeekipper has only one eye; for what is the use of two in a world of damp darkness. Skeekippers lay eggs and like to hop about.