Sjaa Boa Constrictor

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Sjaa Boa Constrictor
moo-kah pl. tmukas
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Fact File
Classification: Reptilia
Frequency: Common
Size: Medium
Lifespan: 30-235 years
Domesticated?: No
Diet: Carnivore
Biome(s): Boreal Forest, Temperate Forest

A constrictor snake-like animal that at adulthood reaches about 10ft (3m) in length. They are a pale yellow color, with darker golden bands and markings. They have an finely shaped head, and are truly one of the prettier tmukas.

These tmuka are incredibly docile, and very rarely bite, if handled correctly. They are most often found in fruit trees, and trees with nesting avians, because that is their diet. They are encouraged by farmers to live in their orchards, because they eat whatever lands in the tree to eat the fruit or nuts, and are docile enough, they can be easily persuaded to leave the tree when it's harvesting time, so they don't bite a paw, mistaking it for a small mammal.

When they do bite (usually by mistaken identity: paws do resemble small furry animals!), it is usually not painful, as they bite and hold on, to wrap themselves around, and constrict the life from their prey. If they get a body part far enough in their mouth, however, enormous rear-fangs cause a lot of pain, even though it is not fatal.