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see-enn-are pl. sccienars
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Fact File
Classification: Amphibian
Frequency: Common
Size: Tiny
Lifespan: 1-4 years
Domesticated?: Yes
Diet: Insectivore
Biome(s): Freshwater, Wetland

The Sccienar is known for its easy domestication, as well as its outstanding agility. Each Sccienar is rather unique, and scale colors may vary. They are rather round creatures with large, bold scales. They are usually spotted in groups of two, with a range of two to six eggs or hatchlings. They are rather friendly creatures, and can adapt to any pond climate easily.

When threatened, the Sccienar will hiss at its predator. Which is rather uncommon, for they can since danger rather easily. The male usually tries to lure the beast away from the nest (made of mud) of hatchlings while the mother buries them, deep in the ground. It is rare for Sccienares to encounter danger, but when they bury their eggs, it's rare for the pair to dig them back out, but the hatchlings will survive.