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Parallax is Ramath-lehi's most beloved band, a fuse of rock and alternative that was formed by singer/guitarist frontman Requiem Falahau, keyboardist/mixer Jello Yissin, and bassist Nell Asinio in Watani, Swaraj in 81377. Drummer William Gojgla joined a few weeks after the band initially formed. Falahau, Yissin and Asinio had graduated from Dragonbach's and joined together there. They met Gojgla as he was drumming on the streets for tips, and invited him to the flat they stayed together in. The band has been certified multi-diamond.

Rumours have surfaced that Requiem and Jello had an affair, but Falahau denies this, saying that he is gay and would never sleep with a girl.

Band Members

Requiem Falahau

Requiem Falahau was born in Dhruv as a half-Yki. He moved to Watani to be schooled at Dragonbach's at sixteen, brought from the north by a talent search funded by the school. Requiem is known for his dress style - tight jeans and brightly-colored accessories, often going topless to show off his world-beloved body - coupled with heavy eyeshadow/liner and numerous piercings. Fangirls and fanboys alike adore and worship Requiem for his palpable sexuality and rockstar hot-boy charm at the television and tabloid alters. Falahau is always trying to write new material. He sees lyrics as a way of telling a story, and usually loves "dark stuff - anything twisted, weird, and a little evil".

Jello Yissin

Jello is the band's only female member and seems to be their fag hag - every male member of the band is bisexual or gay. She's the most upbeat and hyper of the group, with wildy-colored hair and fur that pulses in time to music. She is the keyboardist and mixer for the band, using precision and a vivid musical taste in her work.

Nell Asinio

Nell and Requiem are best friends, and were, for a short span of time, lovers. He is the peacemaker and most easygoing of the band, and his beauty, coupled with his irrisistible charm and longing for love, make him one of the most-loved characters in musical history. He is the band's bassist, playing with all the grace and ease of a big cat.

William Gojgla


Studio Albums

Year Album details
81377 This Is the End
81379 I Guess I Loved You
81381 Underworld