Krokino Prison

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Krokino Prison
Country Notios Sudesha
Type Prison
Short Description A prison used to hold Ramath-Lehi's worst criminals.

Krokino Prison (commonly known as "The Dungeon" in the everyday vernacular) is an isolated complex located in the middle of the Tmu Desert in Notios Sudesha. It is a very monolithic stone structure that glints and sparkles reddish gold in the harsh sunlight. All creatures living in the desert fear this place, yet a few have come to worship it as a shrine of an ancient evil.

Here is where Ramath-lehi's worst criminals (that have been caught) reside. There are no known records of prisoners escaping (but if there ever was, they'd probably keep it quiet anyway...). This facility is meant to act as a "healing tool.” Convicts are kept here until they can be rehabilitated, die, or are simply killed.

Krokino Prison is made up almost entirely of Jolacom. This effectively makes Krokino a magic “dead zone.” It is impossible to use any sort of magic inside or around the vast facility due to the high Jolacom concentration. Prisoners also suffer from the use of Jolacom - as they feel their magical energies being sapped away from them. It is considered to be the worst place on the entirety of Ramath-lehi that a magic-using Ramathian can end up. Because of this, it has entered into the world as a place where parents will threaten to send their children if they ever happen to misbehave.

The prison is entirely operated and maintained by the Anubi tribe, Anubi Yv sha Ledhs. The Yv sha Ledhs have a division of dedicated individuals who subject themselves to a lifetime of guard duty, knowing fully well that by doing so, their magical abilities will be sapped and eventually disappear. These seasoned and steadfast individuals are known as the Nulled. The Nulled patrol the Krokino Prison, heavily muscled and fully armed. It is very rare to find a Nulled outside of the Tmu Desert. The Nulled are rumoured to live exceptionally long lives.