Hrishikesh Ocean

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Hrishikesh Ocean
Country Dhruv
Type Ocean
Short Description The smallest, most threatening body of water on the planet Ramath-lehi.

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Hrishikesh is the smallest free body of water upon Ramath-lehi, and also the meanest. Its deep belly belches forth colossal waves capable of breaking bodies in an instant. Many adventure-seekers come here to test their stamina against the thrashing, salty waters, and few return from this particular venture. Jagged rock formations and glaciers thrust through the black water, obscured with the thickest of fog. Sailors are taught from the beginning of their training that this is a place to avoid; those who are ignorant of the Hrishikesh's dangers or underestimate its strength are nothing less than fools. Their bodies are a common sight for the local Yki tribes, who cluck and tut and drag them ashore when able to bury them in makeshift graves.