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flit-er pl. flitters
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Fact File
Classification: Avian
Frequency: Common
Size: Tiny
Lifespan: 1 year
Domesticated?: Yes
Diet: Herbivore
Biome(s): Boreal Forest, Temperate Forest, Tropical Rainforest

These tiny birds (2in/.05M - 4in/.1M) are found in wild places where the Cilibis tree (Which they weave nests of the leaves, and nest in colonies that often fill entire trees) grow. These little birds come in almost any shade of colour you can imagine, though in the wild most are Red, Blue or Yellow. Wild Flitter consume the nectar from flowers, and inject it into the leaves of the Cilibis tree (Typically the trees that surround their nests) to store it for the winter. Their primary wild predator is the Trisk.

In captivity they are kept both as pets and as food for domestic Trisk. Tame Flitter come in more colors and patterns than the wild ones, as they have been selectively bred to produce these patterns.

These birds are also one of the prime targets of Falconers that hunt with Trisk, also.