Falters Skele

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Affecting the skeletal and muscular system, the extremely rare Falters Skele (Faltermans-Skelebrand Disease) is a non-contagious genetic disease that makes someone appear to age very quickly. The person's bones become brittle over the years and the muscles begin to tighten up. This makes one's movement painfully slow, causes them to hunch over and eventually the worst happens, and the spinal muscles tighten up so much that it snaps the spine. Generally the disease kills its subject within 30 years of it becoming active.


The disease lies dormant in those who have it until it suddenly kicks in. When it kicks in, it is sudden, and them feel a sudden soreness and always tired. From there it is downhill until their deaths.

The genetic disease follows a very old ancestry spanning the globe. Of the infected bloodline, only about one in four actually contract the disease, but even the uninfected of the bloodline can still pass it on. The actual origin is unknown.

Prevention & Treatment

There is no known cure, however there are medicines to numb the pain and discomfort.