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dirk-leth pl. dyrkleths
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Fact File
Classification: Reptilia
Frequency: Very Rare
Size: Large
Lifespan: 80-90 years
Domesticated?: No
Diet: Carnivore
Biome(s): Freshwater, Wetland

Shaped like a large alligator, is very rare to find. If full grown, it can be as long as 15 ft. Its claws alone are a foot long. It has a tail that makes up 5 feet of its length, and it's teeth are canine like. Walks on four legs, and often waits for an animal to walk by the water, or a pendragon to go swimming. It will wait at the bottom of a lake, Then it will lunge to the surface, often swallowing its prey whole, or biting off a limb.