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Dermallaghica is a magia morbus, or magical disease, which alters the skin of the afflicted. While the root cause is the same, the effects of this condition can vary wildly, making it notoriously difficult to diagnose.


Among the recorded cases of dermallaghica, a common pattern has emerged: it begins as a mild sensation, gradually growing in intensity before becoming completely numb as the magic begins to take effect. From there, what happens is anyone's guess. The recorded effects of this disease so far are as follows:

  • Rapid hair loss followed by the skin decomposing, leaving flesh exposed. This is generally fatal.
  • Bony growths emerging and growing continuously, eventually covering the afflicted 'dragon.
  • Skin becoming translucent.
  • Skin shriveling and becoming dangerously tight.
  • Conversely, excessive loosening of the skin.
  • Hair hardening and becoming quill- or spine-like. Usually seen in hairier pendragon subspecies (eg. Khell and Yki).
  • Excessive hair growth, particularly in places which do not normally have hair (eg. inside the mouth).


Prevention and Treatment