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coo-coo pl. cucues
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Fact File
Classification: Mammalian
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Size: Medium
Lifespan: 300 - 900 years
Domesticated?: No
Diet: Carnivore
Biome(s): Temperate Forest, Tropical Rainforest

The cucu is an extremely rare creature. Their temperament is known to be neutral, but can vary at times as well. They can be domesticated, but they aren't pets; they resemble equal beings, and have developed a written language. The only reason they are considered animals, not beings, is their barbaric tradition to kill other beings, including pendragons; the reason remains unknown, but a possibility suspects amusement.

The cucu travels upon four limbs, but can walk upon two if desired. Their triangular ears are extremely sensitive, and delicate to many noises (which usually results in body or written language). Their fangs tend to be small, but sharp. Like a domestic, oriental feline, the broadness in the face is rather slender, with an extended maw. Claws are retractable, but usually remain extended.

Coat colours range widely, including spots, stripes, and random markings. Any combination is possible, including checkered (yes, the little squares). Textures range widely, from glossy, fine, thick, short, long, hair, fur, shedding, etc. Cucues take pride in their coat colours, which helps decide a mate for the cucu female.

The cucu species has the option to mate any time, but most often during Dyo. There is then a six (and sometimes seven) month gestation period, which results in a litter of one to fifteen kittens. Cucues cannot choose their mate, but it is decided by the group leader, the Zantoriot, but resemblance in oat colour. The kittens are raised for three years, then are left to fend for themselves, with little loyalty from their group.

Cucues travel in packs entitled Marcunduses. Each Marcundus contains one Zantoriot, the leading male, and one Lumberiste, the mate to the Zantoriot (but has no right to lead). The future Zantoriot is chosen by the Lumberiste, who randomly (or has previously planned) chooses one male from the litter. The Zantoriot and the Lumberiste produce at least four litters before choosing the next Zantoriot. The current Zantoriot and Lumberiste serve for about three years, before subsiding.

Hunting: Hunting rituals occur seven our eight times, every season. The Zantoriot chooses five or six skilled hunters and huntresses and bring down at least four different types of prey.

Communication: Low meows, reows, purrs, and etc are shared, but can only be heard by a Cucu. Their written language contains fifty-one different symbols, combined can be written with certain liquids, and scraped by their claws.