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Chaos Theory is a rock band formed in 81375. Initially they were mocked for having a "gimmicky" all-Feydragon lineup, and for having a first album which, to this day, is regarded as being "enjoyably bad". It was their second album, Covenants of the Dragon, that propelled the group into mainstream fame and popularity. Their signature style includes vocals from everyone in the band, and the use of dozens of instruments in each song.

Along with a successful musical career, the band's members are known for their active work in bridging the social gap between Feydragons and mainstream Ramathian society. Everyone in the group goes by a stage name to protect their identities, and while they have used these names since the band had been formed, it has been confirmed that they had been wanting to end the segregation for years.

Band Members


Sakenal is the band's frontman and lead vocalist. Out of the entire band, he is the most versatile and skilled when it comes to vocals, and perhaps more importantly, he has the necessary charisma. Combined with his good looks, some have suspected that he may be an Azetsum; however, Sakenal has neither confirmed nor denied this.

Garon & Rogan

Garon and Rogan are identical twin brothers, and the band's two guitarists. They are known for playing with the concept of which guitarist does what, down to spontaneously switching parts mid-song while recording. They are also the self-declared comic relief, and quite mischievous. Fans today still talk about the infamous Wheelbarrow Incident.


This heavyset female is the bassist, although she also plays the guitar on occasion.


The band's keyboardist and occasional bassist.


Jesthor, the drummer, is quiet, shy, and socially awkward. When alone with his bandmates he is much more relaxed and open, and apparently he is one of the most intelligent and well-educated people in the band. He has a number of fans, most of whom find him endearing.


Studio Albums

Year Album details
81375 Loving Love
81378 Covenants of the Dragon
81380 Project: Countdown
81382 Beyond the Impossible
81383 A Prayer for Unity