Cadmium J66

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Cadmium J66
(Non-Player Character)
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Status: Unknown
Race: Aquabat
Date of Birth: 24° Dyo
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Cad, Caddy
Family and Heritage
Genealogy: JPack
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Nickel J65
Significant Other: Single
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown

Cadmium is a lustrous jet black hue, free of natural markings, though she has her pack tattoo as well as occasional temporary tattoos. She has a lithe, well-muscled body, fox-like features, and a prehensile tail. Her hands and feet are webbed with skin of blended blue and green hues. A matching sheath of thin skin surrounds the end of her tail, like a tadpole's. Bat wings sprout from her shoulderblades; they are small, but help to aid with underwater steerage. Her eyes are a faintest silver color, which is where she got her name. Also, around her throat is a choker collar, a teardrop of cadmium attached to it.

Cadmium's pack identification tattoo, the Ramathian symbol for "J66," is on her right palm.


Cadmium has a strong sense of character about her. She's determined and goal-oriented, and she is very serious about sharpening her mind, fine-tuning her body, and getting in touch with her spirit. She knows to treasure those around her, and would never hurt a loved one. She adores the pack method of life, and cherishes everything her pack and family has ever taught her. Following advice from her deceased grandmother and mother, whom saw the leader within her early on, she focuses her attention on the importance of honing her skills, such as hunting, and becoming as powerful an individual as she can be.

Without her pack around her to care for her and comfort her, however, Cadmium loses much of her confidence and determination. She can be listless, depressed, and can even lose her supreme sense of self.


Cadmium was born into a group known as the JPack, an extended family of sixty-four aquabats that lived in the cove-like area of the Sagar Sea, south of Boreios Sudesha and north of Notios Sudesha. This particular pack was quite contemporary in civilization and behavior, so she was born to a committed, monogamous pair. Her parents also produced another offspring alongside her, a twin brother named Nickel. The two were born during the natural breeding season for most animals — Dyo. They were numbers sixty-five and sixty-six in their family, and were always well cared for, happily nourished, and carefully nurtured. The members in the JPack were aunts, uncles, and cousins, and all treated the new twins with special, tender care, but also with a fierce sense of guardianship. The most intense caretaker of the youngest JPack members was the Alpha female, the matriarch of the pack. She was their grandmother, their mother's mother — their mother had been her third daughter — and she loved the little ones very dearly. As she had done with the many young ones before Cadmium and Nickel, she took it upon herself to teach them, train them, and instill in them pride in themselves, their identities, and their pack.

Close despite their opposite genders, Cadmium and Nickel enjoyed a fairly normal childhood. Upon reaching pre-adolescence, their bond only grew tighter. The twins made an excellent hunting team, and they had learned very well from their grandmother. Oftentimes, instead of playing around with their same-age cousins, they practiced and sharpened their hunting skills, become especially adept at using echolocation, as well as stunning fish with the lash of a finned tail. Their grandmother thought more highly of them than any other young ones in the JPack, and encouraged them to always hone their skills. Luckily, no jealousy was bred from this favor; indeed, all of the JPack pack mates realized how special Cadmium and Nickel were, and helped them in every way they could.

On the cusp of becoming true teenagers, tragedy struck the twins' pack. Their grandmother, the Alpha female, their beloved leader, became very ill, and died. For a while, the JPack was without a matriarch to guide them. There was a small fuss about it, as many of the members argued over whom should succeed the throne. Some family members even nominated Cadmium, but seeing as she was much too young and inexperienced, it was eventually her mother whom took the honored position.

After a while of grieving, the JPack moved on past the death of their former leader, and learned to embrace the twins' mother as the new Alpha. She was a wonderful leader, having learned much from her mother, and the pack thrived. However, all was not to stay simple and sweet.

Cadmium and Nickel's mother had three new eggs in her pouch, and everything seemed to be going grandly. The family was expanding, the twins were still excelling at hunting techniques, and the memory of the matriarch lived on in the spirit of the JPack. However, all the glory and happiness ended in an abrupt sea storm. The JPack's shallow territory was ravaged, their simple underwater city torn apart to lay in wreckage. Many were killed, including the twins' mother, as well as the unborn triplets in her pouch. Several more were injured, or missing. One of those was Nickel.

Even after the thirty-six remaining members of the JPack recovered and began to rebuild, Cadmium could not move on. She couldn't function as a single unit. She relied on her brother to be her other half, her hunting partner, and her best friend. The loss of her mother was also hard, and no amount of coaxing from her gentle father and the rest of her family could bring her out of a deeply settled depression.

Eventually, instead of bringing the JPack down with her sadness, Cadmium, too, disappeared.