Blades of Dynir

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The Blades of Dynir is an organization that revolves around Dynirism. Its members are trained to be both artists and warriors and are known throughout Ramath-lehi to be exceptionally brave and skilled. There are countless legends that involve the Blades. To become an Initiate of the Blades is the lifelong dream of many young niotis.

Ranking System

  1. Elder
  2. Sentinel
  3. Knight
  4. Squire
  5. Initiate

Known Members


  • Fragen Vyjabaj (Sentinel)
  • Zagol Rapine-Tluiaj (Sentinel)
  • Darklian J13 (Knight)
  • Yae Tsujtkussaj (Knight)
  • Rythoa Blood (Knight)
  • Lyba Leat (Knight)
  • Huram Rylp (Squire)
  • Lim Veajka (Initiate)


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