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(Draco sapiens aves) plural avesrii.

The avesryu is a subspecies of pendragon that has been adapted to spend most of its time in the sky – spined and supple wonders of evolution with hollow bones, a four-chambered heart, and vast wings. They have adapted over the years to spend at least half of their lives on the ground, although there are those who are seized by wanderlust and who live their days perched in trees and plunging through clouds.


The avesryu come in the entire spectrum of visible colors, with draconic or bird-like facial features, bodies covered in scales or feathers, prehensile tails, and spines, spikes, or horns, along with large wings for flight. Most arm themselves with only their formidable teeth and retractable claws. They usually have five-fingered hands with prehensile thumbs, and due to sensitive "touch-pads" on their fingertips, have even more mastery of tactility and dexterity than pendragons and their subspecies.