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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by Shriker, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Hey there! Why don't you reply to this thread in order to introduce yourself to our little community?

    If you're not sure what to say, here are a few things that you may want to include in your first introductory post:
    • What should we call you? Aliases are fine!
    • When and where did you first start roleplaying? Is Shadowlack your first online play-by-post game?
    • Tell us what part(s) of Shadowlack interest you, and where you would like to get involved.
    • How did you find out about Shadowlack?
    • Do you have any pets?
    Guidelines for this thread:
    1. You may post as much as you want in this thread. Strike up conversations! Once you feel familiar with people, you are free to take the conversation to private message or General Chat.
    2. Remember to "Like" posts. Want to help out members, new and old? Start by liking their posts if they're actively contributing to the conversation.
    3. New players first. We encourage new and old users to post here, but only new players may introduce themselves.
    We know that getting started here can be a little intimidating. Take your time. :) Please be sure to read over the following, as they are considered essential in order introduce you to our awesome community:
    We look forward to getting to know you and having you as part of our community!
  2. ((I hope I won't get into trouble for this, but...))
    Hello! I'm new (really new), and so I'm curious, how would I best get involved? Start with making a character, I assume?
  3. @Lupa Blackthrone No trouble at all! :heart: If you haven't already, check out our New Player Guide. Since you've already made your first post and it's made it past the moderation queue, you should have permission to create a new character shortly!

    The best way to get involved though is to of course, ask questions, and then find parts of the Shadowlack world that you'd like to further get acquainted with. We're a super friendly bunch!
  4. Since you have a character now a great way to get started is to post in the Game-Related forum asking for threads. That way you and other players can hopefully hash out some plot ideas so that you don't need to jump in blind. If you have idea story ideas for your character you want to explore you can post them there and find some takers ^_^
  5. Greetings,
    the name is Ryuu007, though you can all call me Ryuu to make it easy. I just joined today and am looking forward to being part of the community of this site and having fun RPing with all of you.

    I am relatively experienced at Role Playing and am acquainted with chat RPing and play by post, and am on several other play by post RPG sites. I hope to diversify and expand my RPG genre horizons by joining Shadowlack. My first ever RPG was a text RPG from the LoTGD series called Naruto Revolution. As to what I like about this site... well for one there is no set post limit and an other thing is it seems to do a good job of balancing gameplay with player creativity. These are just two of the reasons why I joined this site. More will manifest as I move along in game, I am sure, so stay tuned.

    I found this site when I just googled active play by post RPGs and this was one of the ones that popped up.

    I do have a pet cat, hybrid between a Siamese and a long hair Persian. Name's Pharoah.
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  6. Hi Ryuu, welcome to Shadowlack!

    We definitely love creativity around these parts, we hope to steal everyone's brain that joins so we can milk them for all the creativity that they ffer :D

    Errr, ahem, just ignore the second half of that sentence.

    Pharoah is a really cool name for a cat! So regal.
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  7. well, I would love to help improve the site with new ideas if that's what you mean. I posted my idea for my starting character in the Help Desk. So if you could tell me your take on it, that would be great.

    thanks, I admire ancient Egyptian culture so I named him that, and yes it is apropos since he has the bearing of a proud little cat.
  8. Something I would love some newbie feedback on can be found in this post here. We've been trying to brainstorm ways to make the site less intimidating do I'm experimenting with giving new members a launching point into the world in an interactive fiction sort of way. Hoping to give just enough information to intrigue but also inspire. :rapine:
  9. will do, I will check it out more once I have worked out the initial skeleton of my character, which shouldn't take long, maybe two IRL days or so. One thing I would suggest right off the bat though, try to make the font a tad bit bigger. It would make it easier to read for the newbies. and second, I was wondering this from the moment I saw this site. Is the person who created this versed in ancient Hindu literature and mythology? I ask because all the names of the places are directly from Sanskrit/Hindu mythic lore.
  10. hey I went to that link you posted and finished making a character. I still have to flesh him out though. well i will say its a good start from what i can see so far. I added the name of the genealogy tree i was hoping i could create with Bhairyuu as the founder. Take a look when you get the chance and tell me what you think. oh i would suggest making the text on the map a tad bigger so its easier to see it. Also, i was wondering how did you or whoever created this site come by those names? those are straight from Sanskrit/Hindu scriptures and mythic lore, so that intrigued me quite a bit.
  11. Indeed! Although my background is full more so of Art History, Design, some Mythology (and amusing Cryptozoology). Quite a few of Ramath-lehi's countries (as well as a few places) are either directly influenced, or derivatives/intentional mis-spellings of the Hindi language. (Ajita - invincible, unconquerable, beyond perception; Dhruv - a boy who was given a place in the sky for taking care of his parents/the brightest star; etc.)

    Welcome to Shadowlack!
  12. Sweet!!! This is quite literally the first time i am meeting someone who shares the three best of my many interests. If you wish or need/want me to, I can help you since i am a Hindu and am fairly conversant with all of this, as well as other mythological literature from the other major world cultures. I also am very much into cryptozoology. I am from a biology background but i have a great deal of experience with art & culture (mostly from personal interest) and i have attended some psych courses and intensive english courses too.

    by the way, this is a minor thing but Dhruv was placed in the sky for something else. the true reason that is mostly accepted among Hindus is that he was cast away by his parents (his dad the kind who was convinced to do so by his step-mom) and sought out Vishnu and called him down since he saw a father figure in him (influenced by all the tales that his biological mother told him before she died). He sought solace in Vishnu and that is why Vishnu turns him into the Polaris.
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  13. Ooh, very nice! I used to run a roleplaying game that was based on the amalgamation of different culture's version of the afterlife. My strong points are more so with life and death mythology. So thank you for that version of the story. :)
  14. you're welcome anytime, and I can tell we will get along swimmingly, Ivy. ah nice, so that's how you know so much more than many others do about this area of literature. so since when have you been interested in this particular area anyway? just curious, so i am asking.
  15. It mostly stems from my like of monsters (and puppets). There tends to be a lot of ancient and scary critters when it comes to the afterlife. I also really like Lovecraft and all things Cthulhu. So that probably plays into it as well. The dark and macabre can be fun sometimes.
  16. wow, you like monsters too eh? yet another similarity between us. yeah you're definitely right, for example there is that one beast from Egyptian mythological afterlife which is a mix of croc, leopard and hippo named Ammut that eats one's soul if it is found unworthy by Maat & Osiris.

    yeah i am familiar with that particular writer as well, though i have never had the chance to read any works by him in detail. definitely, once in a while, darker themes are required to give more balance to keep things in balance.
  17. @Ryuu007 - Yep, I can definitely make it all bigger if I can get the code to start working more easily! Thanks for the feedback =D

    Who doesn't like monsters :rainbowheart:
  18. glad to be of help, Tier. I will take another look once I have fleshed out my character and his genealogy some more to see what else I can give my opinion on to you.

    yep! they pretty cool once one gets past the whole "Eek!! Eek!! its a monster!! Run for your lives!!" phase.
  19. HIya my name is Joey and the only thing that i like more than role playing is sleeping.
    the thing i want to do after im accepted is creating my own character and story
    my favorate role is a blacksmith/ miner.
    and finaly i give this site a 9.5/10 because perfection can never be achived
    the path to Peace makes wars.
    Signed Joey
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  20. Welcome @Joey! I hope you have a good time here.

    In an effort to further hurl ourselves toward getting even closer to perfection, is there anything about the site that you find confusing? Or is there anything that you feel should probably be elaborated upon for newcomers?

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