Privacy Policy

A legal statement which describes the information that Shadowlack collects and how we use it.

Shadowlack is a free, non-commercial, web site committed to providing an entertaining atmosphere recommended for persons aged thirteen and above.

The Information We Collect

  1. Email Address. To validate a user's account and send various notification emails if the user has those options enabled.
  2. Birth Date. To ensure that appropriate measures are taken in accordance to the Canadian Marketing Agency's Code of Ethics if the user happens to be under the age of thirteen.

All other information that a user may enter is entirely optional.

When a member writes and posts messages on our message board, information can be made publicly available. However, our message boards are moderated, so unwanted content can and will be deleted. Personal Messages (or PMs) may also be monitored if a member has reported abuse.

Information Usage

Shadowlack can and may use this personal information in order to:

  • Ban those that abuse our service or members (whether that be via our web site, our Forum, Chat Room, or through our PM system).
  • Know the screen names (giving out of your “full real name” is discouraged) of our members to create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Contact the user with any newsletters, news notifications, or inactivity warnings.
  • Protect our legal rights.

Tracking & Cookies

Shadowlack does uses various webstats in order to track information about your browser, number of visits, operating systems, referring search engines, search keywords and key phrases, visit duration, error hits, as well as entry and exit pages. However, no personal information is collected.

Shadowlack also makes use of Cookies in order to figure out the amount of users that are visiting our site at a given time and also to save login information.

Third Parties

Shadowlack will not disclose or sell any personal information to third parties.


If you have any site questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Graders, Shadowlack Administration

Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding the use of this Site.

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