Metals, Rocks, Crystals, Soils, Rariora, Minerals, etc.

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    What are the most commonly known metals, rocks, crystals, minerals, glass types, polymers and soils on Ramath-lehi?
    Which are the most useful ones?
    What are their attributes?
    What hardness do they have?

    What are the most sought after objects - Rariora - on Ramath-lehi? Things that make you think of ancient tombs and boobytraps, adventurers and so on and so forth.

    Are there any (irl) commonly known (irl), "sci-fi" or "fantasy" (metals/crystals) on Ramath-lehi?
  2. I already know about those.
    What I'm wondering about is, what are your average clothing, weaponry or building materials.
  3. Huh... apparently I asked a similar question a decade ago. XD

    The short answer though, is that we don't have anything definitive. So it's up to the writer to make things up. really a good topic to try and brainstorm about though. I do imagine that a lot of things that they have now would be synthetic in nature... or organic-seeming, but actually created in laboratories.
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    ok, thank you.
    Do you know about any raria, artifacts/items that are aftersought?

    And, so basically I can come up with some random materials/elements and we can work out if they could be implemented as actual materials/elements for this world?
  5. Hm... there certainly could be magic-imbued artifacts and the like that are sought after. I imagine that a lot of them would have been created by some of the old ruling families. For example, the Council of Twelve table would be considered a magic artifact. Although I'm not sure how many folks would want to try and steal a table. :P

    Yep! That's exactly how it works. We come up with ideas and try to get them to make sense within the rest of the fantasy world context.
  6. Ok.
    Then my next post in this thread will be different materials/elements that are used for certain things, as well as how/why they are used for those things.
  7. Fivreft - An extremely strong acid. Is a transluscent, syrupy liquid with a very, very slight tinge of green, almost unnoticable.

    Metron - An semi-common metal that behaves similar to both iron and carbon at standard temperature and pressure of Ramath-Lehi. Has a darkgrey-beige colouration. Usually found at 700-1300 meters deep.

    Metron(c) - An uncommon variant of Metron. Is unstable and therefor slightly warm to the touch, because it's radiating energy. Has a deep-magenta tone to it's shine. Usually found at 1500-1700 meters deep in volcanic areas.

    Het(x)cthane - A semi-uncommon luminescant crystal. Usually found at 300-400 meters deep, and always in Fronimium heavy areas. Colouration varies.

    Hef(gik)xhyl - A slimy, stringy polymer that is attracted towards energetical flows. The result of refinining [Het(x)cthane] in [Fivreft]. Not of much use for anything other than creating He(met)xcthylene. Has a pure-white colouration.

    Birrotan - A semi-rare, light metal that both attracts and repels Fronima at the same time, kinda like a pump. The ore that Birrotan is extracted from is usually found at 2600-2900 meters deep, usually in areas that are full of life. The ore is also usually found with a Terasto(f) content of 17.9052%. Pure Birrotan has a fire-orange colouration.

    Terasto(f) - A common mineral. Has slight magnetic properties. Usually found as flakes in Birrotan ore. Has a dirt-brown colouration.

    Meptron(ifv)aum - The metal derived from refining [high-pressured, ionized Metron(c)] and [Birrotan with a 8.74% Terasto(f) content]. It functions as a catalyst for Fronima. Is a transluscent honey-colour, with a purple tint.

    Sh'aeftl - An elastic, sticky polymer. The result of mixing [Meptron(ifv)aum]- and [Fronimium]-powder. It is excellent for creating handles thanks to the amazing grip one gets from the polymer's stickyness, but it is also highly conductive. Has a slightly pink tone.

    He(met)xcthylene - A slightly viscous liquid. The result of mixing [Hef(gik)xhyl] with [Sh'aeftl] in [Fivreft]. If it's in the Ramathian's body while the Ramathian is performing feats of magic, it is broken down by Fronima instead of the magic user being hurt by the "Backlash", resulting in that even those Ramathian's that previously couldn't use magic has a chance to do it. This also means that the Ramathian can perform more dangerous feats of magic, which results in that it is believed to "Restore" Fronima when ingested. What this actually means is that dependent on how much of it a Ramathian has in their system, the closer they are to Fronima, which can result in the death of the Ramathian, simply because they get too close to Fronima from this chemical. It is adviced to only consume it if you are a "Nullfire" or being magically attacked by a powerful Fronima-wielder, as it will lessen the damage you will recieve from the Fronima attack.

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