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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Temrin, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. It has been many years since i have roleplayed and i honestly really miss it. I would like to start a thread with someone, something simple to start and get me back in the game. (i am highly amused by the scenario generator tehehe XD )

    I have 2 characters currently in game but in the old days of Ramath/Shadowlack, i had many. I have two more slots to fill so i can definitely recreate one of my old characters if you find one of them tickles your fancy.

    Current Chars: (oldish profiles. sorry for the oldness.)
    Temrin Sanjem (vampire - fighter)
    Telbaj Saujt (shapeshifting tattoo artist - assassin for hire)

    Other Characters (PDFs) (really terrible and VERY old profiles. I am SO sorry! and so many vampires. >. > )
    Zale Y40 (aquabat)
    Femp Gala (feydragon)
    Nudek Gagte (weredragon)
    Kailea Saito (pendragon - vampire)
    Hiei Saito (pendragon - vampire)
    Tyolt Femdt (pendragon)
  2. Woosh. Got eaten by work. I'm always good for a couple of threads. :) I've been wanting to do something with Valekesi, Cayson, or potentially Talis Adamaint (no character profile yet, but he's my lovely eccentric scientist). He's been retcon as a Khell and likely wears the hides of his parents around. Haha. Also has an interest in Lukuo and other genetic anomalies.
  3. Home at last! :D

    Your characters are so interesting! So hard to choose!

    Dont know how Talis and Temrin would get along but before i had my giant hiatus, Temrin was hermiting away and tinkering with science, magic, and weaponry. (ya know. something to do while dealing with all the crap i put her through LOL.) I am sure she would be interested to learn more science-y type stuff if Talis is interested in 'shooting the shit' with an interested party. Not that she would have too too much to contribute to the conversation though. So it might be a little one sided?

    It has been so long since i have reached for that character place in my head for anyone but Temrin and occasionally another. Refreshing my brain meats on who does what and familiarizing myself with them again ehe. (all of my beginning characters that i created here have all the same friggen skils/trades! I think some may be screaming out to be rewritten a bit. XD )

    Any one of your characters be interested in some storm chasing with Zale? Or treasure hunting with Nudek? Maybe add some thrill and excitement to a rebellious decision? Perhaps Cayson gets fedup with being in the spotlight and having people constantly suck up and act idiotic around him and takes his first chance to get the heck outta dodge for a while.

    Does Valekesi just work on military ship or does she perhaps take on odd jobs doing ship mechanics? A character of mine could be taking a trip somewhere. Or maybe. FIRST VISIT TO SPAAAAAAAACE. Since none of my characters have ever witnessed spacey things. they are all very grounded. Which is sad. Though you know. i haven't looked at what new things have come about since i was here last so i dont know if space is a leisurely trip or if its mostly millitary stuff. (either that i have have forgotten.) Doing a mental flail right now and doing a look around of the site pages again!
    EDIT: Hoyl cow. colonies EVERYWHAAAAR. Well alright then. I am reading up on all the places!
  4. Yuss, colonies and natural resources were all added last time I had a big writing binge. :) It's all part of the stuff I'm putting together for the little setting book.

    I feel like Talis could probably have a conversation with just about anyone. He can be sarcastic, but that's generally reserved for figures of authority, and is actually pretty genial. The downside to him is that he is quite morally grey, and does/has done some pretty questionable things in the name of learning.

    Actually, something with Cayson could be cool as well. He actually has a small place on the Therscatran Gate, if you wanted to pull someone into a space adventure. He also otherwise still does rounds between Swaraj, Ajita, and Aurius, so would be pretty easy to run into.

    Vale usually is working on a USR ship, but she's also not the one to turn down an odd job or even do volunteer jobs for what she feels are helpful causes. She's probably my only one who is nearly 100% space-faring. She's a little more business oriented/proper than Cayson though, so my dear ol' Cay would probably be a little more fun to do things with. ^_^
  5. Oooooo setting book~

    It would really depend on what it is but Temrin has done some questionable things in her life and continuously has to inconvenience or harm others to survive. Ya know, needing blood and all to live. (She has a friend or two willing to donate but that really only goes so far.) Some things would bother her i am sure. Harming innocents rubs her the wrong way because she has sometimes has to do it to survive. So if Talis openly talks about harming innocents FOR SCIENCE then i could see her be unsettled about it, since its only for learning. But then, who is she to judge. It's not like she hasn't taken advantage of people in the past for her own betterment and understanding. Might be an interesting conversation. Who knows!

    It would be neat to get a character of mine into space, i wont lie! I am trying to figure out who the heck would end up even going to space out of all my characters. They are magic oriented and not spacey. The only one who has really done anything science related is Temrin but would the government even let a vampire use the portals? She is diseased! She prefers to stick to herself if she can help it so i don't see her taking a leap into space, especially having to go through government hoops. Under the radar 'dragon ahah.

    I could see perhaps Tyolt (25, not 18. outdated sheets yay) getting out of some schooling and being curious to travel. I can reinvent her a little bit. Perhaps she went to school for something that would lead her to space. Maybe she just wants to see other parts of the world after having to be pretty grounded through her education. Maybe a job offer takes her there. Endless possibilities!

  6. Ooh, I think Tyolt could be pretty cool! I like the idea of her taking a job of some sort out there. Maybe as a way of starting fresh. :) Maybe she could have studied in magic biometrics and there's a job opening in that, or someone in her dreams has been telling her to go to space, or maybe there's a book she needs translated and the only person who can do it is in the wild beyond. There really are a lot of possibilities. oO;

    I also think the government would let a vampire use the portals... their activity might be flagged or somewhat more closely monitored though. I had a bit of a running gag going on before of Talis abducting folks who had "interesting" DNA who happened to use the portal system... I'm not quite sure if he's had his fill of vampires or not though. I imagine that they are probably something that he's at the very least studied though.
  7. Temrin took the portal system and now she is a test subject. WHOOPS.

    Let me think on Tyolt and recreate her here. I would love to start with a fresh(er) character. :3
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  8. I'm excited!
  9. Me too! :3
  10. Hmm. Do colonies grow their own food at all or are looking into ways to do so/better or do they just get sent shipments? Do they replicate food with technology? (was looking at some different sciences and i can see Tyolt being drawn to flora and possibly taking up botany. Maybe getting an apprenticeship to learn about colonial food supply and possibly doing research on how to improve upon what supplies and plant life are available and growable on the moons. Possibly fueling the search toe become more self sufficient, if they rely more so on shipments from the planet.)
  11. Good questions! I imagine that the moons would be trying to grow all of their own. The Gate as well, but I imagine that they also have a lot of extra supply shipments. That would actually be a super interesting job! I haven't touched on the subject of replicating food here yet either, but it also seems possible given their level of technology. Maybe there's a push for the colonies to become less dependent on replicated food?
  12. I think i will go for that then :3 -write write write-
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  13. This reminds me of Der-shing's new comic, Mare Internum a little bit. I'm not sure if you're following it at all, but explicit content warning if you haven't seen it before.
  14. I have not! But i love Der-shing's work :3 I will take a peek!
  15. Done enough of her profile to get started and have ideas rolling around in my head for the first post of the RP. i will get that written up and posted in a few days. Gotta get back to work work work for a bit. :)
  16. @Temrin Yep! Normal. The one here is an OOC thread for any chatting you wanna do related to it. I'll get your reply to you tomorrow. I'm kinda out for the rest of today.
  17. Oooooooooh. Interesting! I like that :3 Neat!
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