Bar Tender at The Gravedigger


Primary Trade:
Enchanting, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Painting, Apprentice



Out of Character


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Maeanu Jethro

Mae, Torrent
  • Callous
  • Creative
  • Impatient
  • Lithe
  • Vigilant
  • Wiry
  • Witty
  • Description


    She moves through moonbeams slowly, she knows just how to hold me. And when her edges soften, her body is my coffin. "Love Me Dead" ~ Ludo

    After years of working in an environment that forced her to put on a smiling face Mae has developed a sort of duel personality between her normal self and her work self. When at work Maeanu has a demeanour of confidence around her that she lacks when on her own. She takes comfort at being on the other side of the bar and in being in control of who gets served. Making her much more approachable while a work. When approached outside of the work place she can come across as cold and distant. She quickly ranks ‘dragons and considers who she thinks is worth spending her time with. When you fall high enough on the list she can be completely amicable, if you fall lower you’ll get an indifferent glare. It is easy enough for a pretty thill to fall higher on this scale. She isn’t one who falls easily into a friendly conversation unless she is the one to start it or she finds the subject matter interesting enough. She is quick to jump to sharp remarks or jokes without taking much time to think about someone at the receiving end. Imbued with a streak of paranoia she is not a fan of surprises and slow to learn to trust. Not the trust that it takes to share her body, but the trust it takes to share her mind. She has few friends because of this, but a rather large collection of acquaintances. With a don’t-mess-with-me attitude she does her best to keep other ‘dragons at a distance.


    Like me she feels uncomfortable in the clothing of her ancestors. "It's not easy," she would say, dipping her fingers into the ashtray, "It's not easy to erase your blood."- "Rock Me Now" ~ Metric

    A part of Maeanu's past that even she doesn't know has to do with her lukuo gene which she inherited from her mother. At birth Mae had two sets of wings, the small feathered pair she she spots now and which can fold neatly into grooves on her back, but also another larger pair. This larger pair of wings were ill-formed, being partially feathered and partially stretched leather, they were unsymmetrical and not "normal". The doctors speculated that they may have given Mae the ability of flight once completely grown in, but instead her parents chose to have the larger wings amputated to keep a clean, "normal" appearance of the "perfect family" for Malvin's political future. The amputation left scares on her back, which are now covered by her yellow fur and are hardly noticeable. Mae questioned the scares once when she was younger but her parents told her they were a birth mark and nothing to worry about.

    Thread History

    Mia 9 - Year 10:

    Crypt Cognac - Swaraj

    Dyo 116 - Year 10:

    We gladly feast on those who would subdue us - Ajita

    Mia - 81385:

    Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack gets burned by the candlestick - Bhim

    Mia 14 - Year 9:

    i'm a lazy dancer - Dominura, Mansukh

    Tessera 365 - Year 9

    See the dark up above - Swaraj


    She dreams of working in an art gallery but has a hard time of ever seeing that happening. All of her works stay locked up in her apartment.Past employment; Bar Tender at The Seven Blessings in Bhim (From the ages of 18-20)Due to a magical mishap that happened after the eclipse Maeanu cannot move the pinkie on her left handFrom the age of 5 till she was 15, Maeanu took figure skating lessons and was involved in a few minor competitions. Singles and Pairs

    Arm Tattoo:

    Graffiti Artist

    She can often be found decorating the sides of buildings... without consent.

    Street Rat

    On and off ties to minor street gangs.

    Outspoken Activist

    Often involved with anti-government movements

    Bar Top Therapist

    After a few drinks you'll tell her all your problems.
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