masculine (male)
Councillor of Commerce, Lawyer, CEO


Primary Trade:
Conversation, Master
Secondary Trade:
Harvesting, Master
Tertiary Trade:
Law, Master
Quaternary Trade:
Philosophy, Master

Out of Character


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Malvin Jethro

These heinous crimes preformed by a group calling themselves Free Mages are clear acts of terrorism. The Council has no desire for war. These violent murders will not be ignored. Mar 25, 2013
  • Cunning
  • Determined
  • Dignified
  • Diplomatic
  • Disciplined
  • Persuasive
  • Steady
  • Description


    young ref - Around ages 30 - 40

    middle age - 45 - 60


    At his very core, Malvin is committed. Once he’s made up his mind about something it is very hard to get him to change his mind. He is extremely stubborn that is nearly unwavering, once he has chosen a path to follow there is very little that can stop him from seeing it all the way through. His life is devoted to civil service and feeding the world, but often times those two things can get very messy.

    He is well enough respected on the political battle field, making him vain and egotistically at time, but it is rare of him to underestimate an adversary. This is mostly because he hates to lose, having done so the hard way in his younger days. He’s background in the legal system prepared him to debate any point that his dislikes and has also made him fond of loopholes.

    First impressions are very important to him and he always plans to make a lasting one on whoever he meets. Be this being through being well dressed and well spoken. He is also quick to judge on everyone else’s first impressions that are given to him.

    What drives Malvin isn’t the fame or income that comes from holding one of the highest offices in the world. He is simply power hungry and genuinely believes that he is the right man for the job to do things right for the population. But that doesn’t mean he’s clean. He will do almost anything to get himself higher in the world. He spent most of his life working on his family farm, making money and studying hard to prepare himself. He schmoozed his way in with some high ranking officials and started to build up his work portfolio. This portfolio didn’t come without its fair share of baggage. He stepped on many toes to get where he is now, and done some shady deals. Over time he’s come to collect a rather angry group of enemies who would love to see him fail, but he’s done a good job of keeping them silent. He has moral lines but isn't afraid to cross them, black-mail and hired help are not things he considers out of his reach or out of question. But even with his power he is still rather paranoid about his self-image and general perception, often going out of his way to be seen doing good for the public.

    Underneath all his cheating and lying (all normal qualities of lawyers and politicians so no one should be surprised), Malvin is a thinker. He can come across as an over confident snob, but he wouldn't have gotten as far as he has if he didn't have the brains to back it up. Even though Malvin has some bad sides to him has he softer moments. The family farm he very dear to him, not just for a source of revenue, and he loves his wife and daughters dearly (most of them) even if he doesn't really know how to show it, having had a complicated relationship with his own father.

    Ever since the death of his youngest daughter Malvin has been a bit more of a recluse. Choosing to do lesser political engagements then before, leading some to fear that he might not be able to handle the loss. While leading fellow politicians to hope that Malvin has become soft or lost his ambition.


    Malvin was born as the second child amongst three siblings to a well known and prosperous family in Swaraj. He grew up under strict rules of proper behaviour and ever more strict rules concerning farming safety. He was helping out around the farm shortly after he started talking, even though the family was wealthy enough to paid a full time staff to do most of the work. By the age of 7 Malvin was shipped off to boarding school for a few years before the family decided that home school would be a better option for their children.

    Growing up Malvin devoted himself to his studies, learning everything he could about agriculture and the business aspects of running a large corporation. At the age of 20 he once again left home to become a lawyer and to start planting the seeds for his future political ambitions. He soon realized that without his name being the main one associated with the family farm, that it would be harder to use it to his advantage. That was when he started plotting to take over.

    It was made to look like a simple farming accident, the tragic loss of both father and son. At the age of 25 Malvin was appointed the youngest CEO that Arger Cereals had ever seen. Over the course of a few more years Malvin pushed the company further out into the world, monopolizing the industry.

    After reaching that point Malvin started to set his goals higher. Using his economic fame and years of schooling Malvin began to climb the political ladder. Not afraid of having to cheat or blackmail Malvin furnished himself a well connected and loyal circle that worked to help him rise to his position on the Council of 12. In his numerous lower level government positions Malvin did become an accomplished politician, learning the right ways to talk and knowing how to make the tough decisions. Malvin went through a period of intense paranoia when the Council of 12 had been collapsed before he was re-instated with the Council of 13.

    With the death of his youngest daughter Malvin has been forced to put his life in perspective. He has become more withdrawn and more focused on his political role and family responsibility.


    His job is his life, and vice versa.


    Has numerous connection to the political and economic world.
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