WPD to rearm.

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  1. An agent in the ranks of the WPD has been found. The agent declared himself as having been close to the culprit in Vivuli. When the agent failed to rendezvous with another field operative, a search was undertaken and, this paquite, WPD officials confirmed the body is one of their own.

    Notes being found near dead bodies is, for some officers, becoming synonymous with such discoveries, but to some others it's still an unnerving connection between a body and previous murders.

    However, the note found on the chest of the agent (who can't be named yet for protection reasons) surprised everyone who heard it read, and read it themselves.

    "I am good enough".

    The agent was supposedly a Journeyman in stealth tactics, so it is being conjectured that the culprit is more skilled in the art. Some have gone so far as to say they are looking for a Master, but it is being quickly challenged by other members of the WPD and some of the public.

    The murder of a police officer (the extent of the damage is yet to be revealed but we know it is "extensive" and "in-keeping") is a serious matter. It shows there is no discrimination between class or profession; a fact that has shaken a number of newly trained inspectors, detectives and field agents.

    Anon: "Sure. We had lunch together a few times; did what we had to do; talked what we had to talk. He was sound upstairs. Knew his stuff. Pretty good at it all too. He'd catch me sometimes while I worked and I'd never have known he was around. Made you a little paranoid to be working around the A'den. I could do most of what he did, but there were some things he did really well... I can't say if he'd have slipped up or not, no. That ain't my call to make. Yet to know his spark was snuffed out; that's gotten to me and a few of my trainees. We have a job, but we didn't expect to hear police are going to get killed next. This really brings it home to you - you're still flesh and blood, whatever you wear on your clothes, however you earn your money."

    The WPD have had eyes on the streets since the murders began, and those eyes have been increasing in number. Unlike the CDJ of late, the WPD are trying to assure the public that they are using their eyes on places of importance and high risk locations, as well as a few to maintain some security over the streets.

    Experts on body language are among those joining the eyes in an attempt to more quickly identify possible violent actions against anyone else, before any acts are actually committed.

    Other officers have been specifically hired for security jobs, and have been armed with assault rifles, Close-Quarters arms and "Long Range Ballistics" by their independent contractors. The WPD is becoming more and more thinly spread. Some fear that the WPD HQ itself may be vulnerable soon, and - if that becomes the case - that'll mean no one can rely on the officers to receive accurate instructions.

    Oran: "Don't be stupid. Attacking the HQ would be futile, whomever you are. It doesn't matter if you know the location of our systems, you cannot survive attacking it. Yes, we have a lot of Pendragons on locations a little further afield than they're familiar with. What's your point? It's not worth your time worrying the public over that. Focus on getting the right news out. We need to have Pendragons, Lukuo, Feys, Khell, Aquabats - everyone needs to work with us to ensure we can all live safely again."
  2. i wonder if they have some magicains on the investigation case on the murderer's idenity. no stealth can counter a magicains magic unless they are magicly supported.
  3. What kind of magic? ;)
  4. well right now i can only think of two magic's one would use for this:

    One: (no name):
    This magic projects images of certain time frames in the past into the present but this magic would be pretty hard to cast because it requires time magic, detection magic (I think) and you require some sort of evidence to find the right time frames or reduce the possible time frames you'd think the murder happened.

    Since this magic doesn't really affect the past, it'll only cast’s images into your current time frame not theirs. It’s easier than time travelling

    Two: radar spell:
    You know the radar they had in batman the dark knight, this would be like that. let’s say you knew who the next target will be (e.g. the police), you can use this spell and find any physical being that tries to attack this certain person (within a certain areas and body language), you'll have to enchant something with this spell to show you the images and you need some way to send out those sound waves or whatever you plan to be using.

    Detection magic (definitely)

    Hope this'll be useful and I hope it makes sense.
  5. Hehe, the first one sounds to me like the idea behind The Minority Report. I like it ;) That could be worth discussing in greater depth, with a chance of being added to the Trades list - but I would think such a power would be restricted ^.~

    I like the idea of the radar, too =)
  6. lol last night i was looking though my family's videos and found that movie, haven't watched it though.
    and yeah that spell is a mix of two trades so it cannot get into the trades list. but detection magic would ^^
  7. Minority Report is definitely worth the watch if you're a fan of the Sci-fi ^_^

    You've given me an idea.. Hmm *adopts Egor pose* musst talk to the massster, yess.
  8. well pm me about it when you've talked to your evily brilliant master. :D (yay i actually gave someone an idea!)
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