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  1. Alright, seems like the domain name is up and working properly. :) I'd like to offer a huge thanks to Eric over at http://deadserious.nethttp://deadserious.net</a> for being just awesome. He transferred all of our site content over to his host and did some configuration. So thanks, Eric!

    If you come across an error on the forums or the web site, just drop me a line either here or via email. There's bound to be a few bugs that still haven't been nicked.

    New character applications are being accepted once again.

    I hope everyone is having an awesome Canada Day so far. ;)
  2. YAY! i am so happy the site is back up. i was so bored yesterday! i coudn't think of what to do without ramath.. :P
  3. Um... hi all! I'm sure no one remembers me, but that's okay! Uh... I kinda wasn't on the Internet for a few months so... hi again!
  4. Is it just me, or does the site (forums particularly) keep flipping between being functional and being offline? I deleted my cookies and history early this morning to avoid the problem of old stuff being loaded, but...

    lol, anyway! YAY! The site's baaaaaaaaaaack! (I was having withdrawl. Hi. My name is Zeva, and I'm a RaL junkie. xD )
  5. Yeah... it'll probably be a while before things settle correctly.
  6. YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY. the sites back. I was also going through withdraw, rp withdraw, pendragon withdraw, fromia withdraw..... :lol:
  7. man i was so bored i almost crashed my computer.. literaly... heh heh.. dont worry.. I AM ALWAYS THIS CRAZEY!
  8. Erf. Hey, Jodie, whenever I hit a link here, it makes that "double click" noise and I get a blank page for about 2 seconds before it "reverts." I was just wondering if this was normal and whatnot.

    I just sneezed.

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