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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Draconan, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. K Drac is here to sudgest you go into more detail about the shapeshifting trade.

    I know it's restricted, but it doesn't obey many physical possibilaties.

    Such as... If he/she gets bigger, where did the extra mass come from?

    Or, if he/she got smaller, where did the extra mass go.

    And dang, I just realized this might go better in the help desk... oh well, smart people can move it...
  2. Um... it's a magical trade, isn't it? They can probably transmute mass from the environment or something...
  3. Yeah... magically speaking. ^^ Maybe growing larger just by sucking in air? Always work for cartoons.

    I am so not good with advice and explaning. >.<
  4. I think I actually answered a question like this... years ago or something. Since I remember some kind of answer.

    So.... okay. Pretty much Shapeshifting relies on Fronima, as does all magic. So if you wanted to transform into a creature that was either greater, or smaller than your mass, it'd be quite difficult and would take up a lot of energy.

    Shapeshifting, to say the least, is very dangerous. It can result in permanent mutations caused by accidents and strange flows of Fronima. It's not uncommon for people to get "stuck" or even partially stuck in a morph (eg. Kakosenas).

    Getting larger means that you're drawing energy from Fronima. The larger the creature, the more Fronima you're drawing upon, which in turn is a) more difficult to do, and b) more dangerous.

    Getting smaller is also somewhat similar and isn't really any easier than becoming something large since the same type of energy is required to "push" body mass away, and essentially, "into Fronima." If you push too much, you can actually disappear. Rule of thumb? Never try to morph something smaller than a mouse. Accidents can occur.

    So shapeshifting is generally being able to push and pull Fronima and use it to manipulate one's body.

    If that makes any sense at all. :] Most pendragons just beginning to shapeshift tend to just moph parts of their bodies, and then move onto the more difficult stuff.
  5. When you say disappear, does it mean the pendragon is alive or dead or in some sort of limbo? Is the pendragon aware of it's surroundings or blank?
  6. Considering that they would be pushing and pulling into and out of Fronima, if they were to disappear, then it would be into Fronima they go. It's possible they would be aware of their surroundings, like in a dream state. Conversely, it may kill them... which may still seem like they're dreaming. I think the result of this would be down to the player, but I would think a return from such an accident would take a considerable amount more than fluke, for example it may be required to have present a congregation of Masters attempting to summon back up the spirit in corporeal form.

    ^ - ^
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