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Thread in 'Expressions' started by Temrin, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    -going to be edited later to make the images all the same size to make it look nicer-​
  2. This will be updated soon, i just wanted to post a late night pic i did. *didnt go to bed til 5am*
    I was hunting around the wiki (which seems to have lost its CSS atm?) and was going through different places and came across the badlands in Dhruv. I was like -oooo- idea!. I didnt put in all the jagged formations as the description dictates but i wanted all the mountains. So what is Temrin doing? Well i doubt its going to be a pleasure cruise. Perhaps she's off hunting for treasures or going to kick some ass! -who knows but those she crosses paths with-

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  3. Complete bad-assery! I really like that head wrap.

    (Yep, the wiki is back to sporting a default skin, and will be for at least the next month. A new custom one is on my list, but is a low priority at the moment.)
  4. :D Thanks Jods!

    Ah okay. Though, it doesnt seem to even be showing up with the regular wiki skin. Its just showing up as HTML. No styling what so ever. D: *at least on my comp*
  5. Now that part is strange. I'll try taking another look at the page compression and whatnot. It could be having an issue with caching.
  6. Hokai : )
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