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Thread in 'World Building' started by Lautir, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. So there’s this thing I do when editing / writing pages in the Shadowlack Wiki and I’m not sure if anyone else does it. Often when I’m short on names for things I tend to pull from creative things I’m currently enjoying, TV shows, books, music, anything really. Not wanting to get into any sort of copy right troubles I need to hide these stolen names/words by altering them in some ways. Often this means translating the word into Ramathian or just giving it a new spin. I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed one of these hidden shout outs so here are some hints to things I’ve left behind, hopefully this list will grow longer over time with more world building and with me remembering things I've hidden so long ago.

    1) There are 2 city names that when combined, make the title to a Lady Gaga Song
    2) There is a natural landmark with ties to a famous English time traveler.
    3) A dangerous historical family named after a 16th century love poem.
    3a) There is an obscure anime reference attached to this group as well.​

    Anyone else have some hidden gems in our fair Wiki? Post them here and let us hunt for them :D
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  2. I like this. :3 I'm sure I have all sorts of things hidden in there... whether or not I remember what or where is an entirely different story.
  3. Ooh, this is a fun one. Sadly I only have one easter-egg off-hand that I've done, but it's a fun one.

    Ajita's city names are actually a very well-hidden reference to the Persona games. They were run through an English-Estonian translator to hide it, but essentially, they refer to "cups", "wands", "swords" and "coins" - or, the Lesser Arcana. (The Tarot is a major theme of the games.) The one exception is "Pealagi", which roughly means "crown" (as befitting the capital city of the capital country).
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