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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Temrin, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Thank god, finals are almost over and i'll have a 2 week break to RELAX. (i don't get summer break. Yay me. lol )

    Just letting people know that i'm around, and to Dumu, i'm going to try and post to our thread. -i fail-

    I'm still out of a job, but i'm working hard on commissions and making what money i can so i can pay mah bills.

    (new art/commissions can be found on my DA/FA and my art thread here will be updated soon.)

    so yup! Just letting you all know i'm alive! Sorta.. -falls asleep-

  2. Summer break? BAH! Summer is for STUDYING HARDER.

    Says the Celuvix as he twirls his glasses in his office. Enjoy finals, the benefits later in life are worth it!
  3. Man, life never stops making be busy. XD

    Going to be moving soon. If we can find a place... Oh geeze. We've been looking and applying for places and nothing has come of it yet. We have so little time left. D:
  4. I really miss having a summer break. :s

    Nice to know people are still alive though, haha.

  5. I wish i could be active on here again. D: I miss RPing. Its just so hard to find time. So yes, i miss summer too XD
  6. I'm on summer break and I still feel busy half of the time!

    Have you ever see this site Crystal?


    You can put in your city name and it brings up places for sale and I'm looking forward to using it when I move out. Best of luck with finding a place!
  7. i wish i had a "summer" lol. My school doesn't have summer break. Its just straight school until its done XD

    And thanks for the link~ ^^
    We've been on creigslist and other BC Housing sites.
  8. How much longer do you have in the program?
  9. Approx a year.
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