What are your plans for the holidays?

Thread in 'General Chat' started by shriker, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Working? Going on vacation? Maybe hoping to visit with some family? What are you all up to this month?
  2. *Breaks the barrier* I am staying home during the holidays, mostly to build my off days up again so I could attend my family reunion in summer. Although will be taking school in the New Year to learn Russian and Computers.
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  3. Nice! Is it going to be some sort of introductory course to Russian? I honestly don't know a whole lot about the Russian language, other than a few words that a friend taught me in exchange for me teaching her a little bit of French. :)
  4. It is an intro course. ^.^
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  5. Very nice. What sort of things do you find interesting about the language? Or is it more of a general interest?

  6. It was more I have an interest in Soviet Russian Era, but I was interested in learning this language with the five I have right now.
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  7. You can't just leave it at that, haha. Which five do you have now? :P
  8. Haha I know Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Latin.
  9. That's a wide spread of languages! o_o Actually, put English on that list and you're at 6!

    I'm off to my home town on Saturday for 2 weeks to spend time with my family and friends there. Work was nice enough to give us a few extra days off and they let us work remotely so I'll be working from my parents a few days while just lounging around in my PJs :)
  10. Seven to be exact since by family I know Daikainus (Dead Language)

    That sounds nice. Enjoy yourself Lautir.
  11. I work remotely everyday. It's not bad most of the time. :) I'm taking the rest of the month off after the 20th though. I need a bit of a break to recharge my batteries, and hopefully add a bunch of more new things to Shadowlack while I'm at it.

    I'm probably going to do another "Jewish Christmas" as both of my partners don't really do the Christmas thing. So it'll likely be one great big LAN party, followed by Chinese food and maybe a movie or something on Christmas Day. :)
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  12. Iiii'm gonna nibble a cookie. Then imma wiggle atchu gais.

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