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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by Enalska, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. i thought i'd pop in and say hello. it's been like... two years? three? since i was last active here. s'been ages.

    i'm looking to get a little active here again and have some easy-going threads that i can reply to at my leisure. i don't really know who all is still around but i'd really love to thread with ya'll!

    ok so i'm mercier, 23 year old guy. i used to go by chris(and only do now by close friends who knew me before i changed my namesake). i draw and write and do a little bit of photography every now and then. i only have two pets left after all my others passed. simon is my precious sweet prince, i think he's about 7 or 8 years old and is my first cat. fleur is my darling exotic ball python and is about five.

    you can basically find me anywhere under the name cptmercier. i have a da and tumblr among some other art sites. i only post art to da because for some reason i tend to lose followers if i post it regularly on tumblr. LOL i post wips/sketches/finished things to twitter via gyazo.

    i'm currently only active on a site named akrasia where i play a couple of my oldest characters. leon, which was like one of my first five characters ever, and rurik, my second forum character ever. i plan on hopping back on souls with one of my favorite characters and my namesake, mercier. eventually will probably get back to valoria just for the sake of some easy, small posts and fast threads when i'm feeling like i want a quicker pace.

    um!! i'm so bad at talking. i'm just excited to be back here and wanting to get back into writing. i've been here for a long time and gone through extremely sporadic activity but i always end up coming back. ramath-lehi was like the second forum i was ever on, before it became shadowlack.

    i'm deciding on my fifth character, but i'm super psyched to play my four others that i haven't really touched since i was active many years ago. i'm eager to get to writing them and developing them, the precious babies. so if you ever want a thread just please feel free to poke me! i plan on being active as i can. :heart:

    i actually didn't mean to make this so long and full of crap and nonsense info but i thought i'd catch you guys up on where i am and what i do. nothing about my real life tho as i do not have one. LOL but i'm beginning to save for a move to colorado to move in with a close, old friend of mine. that's all you get on that~

    look forward to getting back in touch with you guys and start writing here again. this place only gets better with age and i love it. c:

    edit: omfg for a second i forgot my name was enalska. has it always been that? i totally don't remember but god it's such an old name, a mix of a couple names for a super old character i actually made to signify the love for an ex i had. he's a pirate lupe on neopets, for christ's sake. fdfs
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  2. Welcome back! Yeah... just these past few years feel like a lifetime ago for me. I'm glad that you seem to be doing well. There are a couple of people who still lurk the forum, so hopefully they pop in. It's been pretty slow, and mostly I've been working on a Shadowlack setting/core book in my down time. Once it's all compiled it'll be a free downloadable ebook/pdf. So I'm a little excited about that.

    As for me... life's been life. I'm polyamorous and currently have two girlfriends. I've also got more transgender experience under my belt now than I thought I ever would, but it's all good. :) Shit, I don't even know what else to even talk about regarding life. So much has happened. Ooof.

    We totally need to get some threads going. Whether it be with one of my current characters, or if I decide to bring Talis in. I keep meaning to, and it'd probably be good for me to get some more fresh blood into my characters. Not that I don't love my current kids... I do, I just know how they would react to everything by now. Makes writing weird when you kind of already know the outcome. If that even makes sense. oO;

    Anyway, if you want to change your username here, that's all totally doable. ^_^
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