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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Hello, hello. Just letting everyone know that all of you super awesome members can now edit the CSS on your Character Profile pages (I think I've worked out the majority of the kinks). Let me know if you run into errors (coding ones I mean, not design ones).

    I also just tossed up a quick and dirty "http://shadowlack.com/info/wanted.phpWanted Characters</a>" page. Just to sort of inform you folks as to what types of characters we're currently looking for in the game. Think of it as Jodie's Christmas wishlist. :P
  2. Woot! ^^ thanks!
  3. OH cool! Thanks.
  4. cool, but how do we edit?
  5. At the bottom of the Edit Character Page there is a section for CSS. ^^

    Jodie is there a tutorial yet? I know a bit about it.. But then agian you helped me with most of mine so.. ^^;;
  6. Harrr. That thing about the ages and stuff totally makes me want to write up a character that is a minority in all regards... A photo journalist weaving plumber that is 47 years old! XD
  7. Lmao. A plumber weaving god knows what and taking pictures of it and slowly balding. xDDDD Sorry had to say that. =P
  8. Whoot! Charry CSS for all! ^^

    Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with it... crap... >_<

    Also, http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.aspGood CSS Info,</a> don't know how it works as a starter tutorial, but meh.
  9. Yaaaaaay!! I'm so happy about the CSS editing. :3 *huggles Shriker*
  10. Yayness, And I wouldn't give away Dom for the world, he's one of my favorites. ;D
  11. In due time, yes there will be. I'm going to divide it up into sections really. It's not going to be totally "in depth" either, since there are so-so-so many better pre-existing CSS resources online.
  12. sounds neat; I should have some fun with this when I get the time...
  13. Yeah! Now I can do up Nekhalla's page like a Blog lol...I've been thinking about that for awhile...I just got to figure out the coding XD
  14. I love you. >__> :heart: -shall toy with CSS when she isn't fixated on shiny boy thing in house who will not go away.- And, the wanted characters thing is really cool, since I'm usually... not too sure what to make the ages at. XD But, now when I decide on a newish character, I will totally take that into consideration. ^__^
  15. Haha.
    I'm baddddd at CSS.
    I spend all my time on visual basics building robots.

    Most of my characters are in thier 30's & above.
    - Baal Deathwing, who's 19.
    But I will try and follow demands.

    I love Ramath-lehi.
  16. Wow, Rythe, that profile is stunning. That's it, now that I've got more time on my hands I'm going to create an older charrie (I've just realised that all my characters are in their teens!) and learn some CSS.
  17. Wow, that is awesome Rythe.
  18. Rythe's skills own me. D: But it's so pretty!
  19. nice. barely any furry pictures anymore though ._. i miss furry dragons
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