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  1. <font color='#000000'>Ramath-lehi got accepting into the Free Games site listing. So if you have the time, go there and rate the game. Also, if you have an account signed up with the place you can add your own review. That's about it. ^^;</font>
  2. <font color='6C6C6C'>Ooo! That's a picture of a type of Rapine, wasn't it? I seem to remember it. LOL!  =D  Luff it, anyway. *nodnodnod*</font>
  3. <font color='#000000'>Wasn't it in Jodie's dream, and it devoured her, lol? o_o;; *votes* =D</font>
  4. <font color='#000080'>ohhh i must go vote, i love the picture you got on the page! and ohh nice description too! heh nifty lol this should attract more people!! ~nod nod~  [​IMG]</font>
  5. <font color='#000000'>According to the site, I'm the only person to vote so far. I gave us a 5, just to be fair.

    No, I kid. 10 all the way! [​IMG]</font>
  6. <font color='#000000'>Lmao. I voted (10 of course&#33[​IMG]) and I got this message:

    Thank you for your vote.
    You can now go.

    I thought it said, "You can go now" - and I was thinking "how rude!" - lol.

  7. <font color='#000000'>I voted 9.

    ~No she is kiding she voted 10~

    You spoiled the joke! Owell I guess its already been done. Ya just so you know I voted.</font>
  8. <font color='#000F22'>I voted, sisi, I did. Ten, of course. xD;</font>
  9. <font color='#000080'>Voted! 10.0, to be exact.

    I'm going to the Linux install fest tommorow! Woo! ^_^</font>
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