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Thread in 'Announcements' started by Shriker, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Shadowlack has recently been upgraded in order to bring you a few new awesome features and additional speed. Here are just a few of the highlights:

    Smiley Categories
    Now when you go to add a smiley to a post, you will notice that they are sorted into different categories. This should make finding the smiley that you want that much more easier. :rainbow:

    Multi Quote
    It is now possible to select multiple posts and quote them in a single post!

    EXIF Rotation / Image Saving
    If you upload an image to the board using our attachment system, the board will automatically rotate it if you happen to have rotated it on your phone or another device. So no longer will you have weird thumbnails if you happen to upload an image from a mobile device.

    Additional Service Integration
    It's now possible for Shadowlack to integrate completely with Twitter and Google for authentication purposes. This means that you may be able to potentially login to Shadowlack using your Twitter or Google username and password. This service is temporarily disabled as I'm still evaluating it in regards to potential influxes in spam registrations.

    Censor Improvement
    Not that we use it a whole lot, but the word censoring algorithm has been upgraded and is now slicker than ever!

    New Spoiler BBCode
    Dumbledore did it.
    And more! Although many of the other awesome new tools are for administrators/moderators only.
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    Gah, I clicked it. I feel so spoiled D:
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